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Message From The President 2015

Welcome to our 31st year of racing in Medicine Hat. Thirty one years ... how does a non-profit, Volunteer run Organization do that? Well it starts with the best Fan base any track could wish for, tireless efforts of our Volunteers and the financial commitment of our Sponsors. Without the Fans on the edge of their seats, the dedication of our Volunteers and generous support from our Sponsors, we have nothing. We at the Medicine Hat Auto Racing Association are truly grateful to one and all.

The Speedway and our Competitors look forward to providing you and your family with the most exciting entertainment in town and some great memories.

This is an exciting year for the Speedway, we are bringing back Sunday racing with a two day show on our July 4th & 5th Fan Appreciation weekend. You won't want to miss this action packed weekend. To show our appreciation to our fans, if you pay to get in Saturday you'll get in Sunday for free ...... yes I said for free.

We've spent some time looking back over the past 31 years as we get ready for our 2015 race season. It's overwhelming to recount all the Track Champions, Past Presidents, Fans and special memorabilia we have collected. Words can't describe how it feels to listen to a Fan tell you a racing story from 31 years ago with an air of excitement in their voice like it was just yesterday!

Please take some time to look through our program at our great sponsors and fierce competitors and thank you for being part of our great past and bright future. Ok ...... let's get on your feet ::ind help us welcome the roar of each class as they battle for the checkered flag. Cheer on your favorite driver as they race for the win, white-knuckles gripping the steering wheel and a permanent smile on their face. This is short track racing at its finest and you won't find a better place to watch it than Medicine Hat.

Welcome Back!

Rick Jondreau
President of MHARA