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The Fastest Thing Out There

Ron McConkey has been all over the map when it comes to motorsports, and the Airdrie native proved his skill on the track at the Medicine Hat Speedway Saturday, setting a track record in his 1987 Monte Carlo.

"It's the fastest thing out there," said McConkey's crew manager, Rob Ford.

McConkey jumped into the lead in Saturday's heat race and didn't look back, literally, as his Monte Carlo lacks rearview mirrors.

"I was behind and he was driving in a little too hard. I figured he was going to slip up and make a mistake so I followed him and then all of a sudden he slipped up," he said. "Then I felt someone bump me in the back end there one time, I knew someone was right on my bumper, but I don't have mirrors."

McConkey got into motorsports over 20 years ago, initially taking part in demolition derbies, but it seems he's found his place on the speedway.

"A couple friends of mine were doing it, so I used to do demolition derbies … and a couple of my friends were racing so they said I should try this," he said, adding life on the speedway is much easier on the body. "You smash into each other and it hurts your body a lot more, I'd really feel it in my neck."

After taking a break from stock racing, McConkey tried his hand in dirt trucks, but the closure of Lethbridge's track led him back to the Medicine Hat Speedway.

"I went to Lethbrige, I was racing the dirt trucks down there and then they closed Lethbridge down, and I thought I had to do something so I got back into this and came back out here," he said. "This is my third year in a row here, and I raced in '09 out here, too."

McConkey will return to the Medicine Hat Speedway for its next event on Sept. 6.