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Hardy Wins Wild Renegade Truck Race

Jason Hardy completes a lap during Renegade Truck races Saturday evening at the Medicine Hat Speedway.

Jason Hardy said his 1991 Chevy 1500 was not running the best Saturday, but it ran well when it counted.

The driver from Brooks battled hard in the main event race Saturday evening at the Medicine Hat Speedway, winning first place in the Renegade Truck class at the Speedway's Fan Appreciation Day.

"It was pretty good, seeing how my truck wasn't running good all day," he said, noting the ignition was not working well for him. "I've been tinkering with it all day, and I was pretty glad I got ahead early."

Hardy, who moved to oval track racing from drag racing, jumped up to a quick lead in a caution filled final race. The red flag was brought out at one point after one of the trucks began leaking oil, halting the race temporarily.

"Sometimes, it don't help you very well," Hardy said of the red flag. "It gets more heat into the engine, everything gets warmer the longer you're out there."

Hardy had a couple of close calls in the lead from Curtis Bigelow, who briefly overtook him on a lap. Hardy, however, was quick to retake the lead once the green flag returned.

"It's all close racing," he said. "Everybody is pretty equal, it's hard to get around people and get ahead of the pack."

Tommy McAllister and Glen Young rounded out the top three.

In other races Saturday, Alf Hieb finished first in the IMCA stock class for the second race in a row, followed by Terry Parr and Shawn Lowe, while Matt Campbell finished first in the Hobby Stock, followed by Austin Buchholz and Mark Hanna.

Layne Hamilton finished first in the Evolution Mini Cup Cars race, followed by Patrick Labrash and Chantal Ormon.

Racing returns to the Speedway on July 19.