Ways you can receive money online

When it comes to receiving money online, there are a lot of ways to do so. With the number of options that you get with online payments, it may get confusing on how you can get your funds from someone from another country. You can opt for the traditional forms of receiving money like through your bank or through a money transfer service, but online payment providers can offer you ways to receive your funds in more convenient transactions. 


Peer-to-peer transfers

One of the most common ways to receive money when you are using a payment provider is through peer-to-peer transfers. This means that you will be able to receive funds from another person who has an account with the same alternative payment method that you are using. These types of transactions usually cost less than your average money transfer and are even a free option depending on the payment service that you are using. It also only takes minutes for you to get your money through this method.

Wire transfers

Online payment providers also offer you the option of receiving funds through wire transfers. This means that the sender will send the money to you from their bank and it will be reflected in your account. This method won’t require you to go through your bank at all if you don’t choose to and will cost only a small percentage of the amount being sent to you. However, if the currency that is being sent is different from the currency that you are using in your account, the money that you will get may be subject to the payment provider’s exchange rate.

Virtual bank accounts

Another option you have for receiving payments is through a virtual bank account. These are accounts, either in EUR or USD, that you can get from your online payment provider to receive the funds that you need. This method enables you to have a bank account in the same currency that the sender has so that you can receive bank transfers for them. You won’t need to go out and get an actual international bank account just to get the money that is being sent to you. This method also helps you avoid the hefty transaction fees that you and the sender may be charged when processing a transaction like this through regular banks.

Money transfer fees

When we transact globally, we need to find ways to cut down the cost of money transfer fees. If we use the banking network to send funds, the fees typically cost a lot. With alternative payment methods, not only can you get to receive funds quickly but the sender will also get to cut down the cost of fees. Another fee that the recipient might need to shoulder is the incoming fees for funds transfers. That commonly happens when one does a bank transfer, as there are fees to be paid for both sending and receiving funds. It is important for both the sender and the recipient to find advanced payment solutions to save money, especially when making financial transactions frequently.